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1986-1988 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

In 1986 James Lane and David Sloan were walking across the campus of Oral Roberts University and met up with some cheerleaders that James had been tutoring. Upon meeting David, the head cheerleader was less than interested, and David stated back, "It’s OK, I’m not all that excited to meet you either. As they walked back to their dorm room, David began to make up the words and tune for “The Site of You Repulses Me”. James and David finished the song off and began writing other tunes, some based on James’ brilliantly deep poetry. David Moorman was brought in to play lead guitar and immediately blew Sloan and Lane away. Thus began the unnamed Punk band.

At a night out on the town, the three headed across a golf course and ended up at a high school. On one of the school walls was graffiti that read “G.A.H.A.B.”. Moorman quipped a quick acronym (which will remain a secret to all but the nearest and dearest G.Ä.H.Ä.B. fans) and the name of the band was set. Many different descriptions have been handed out by fans for the meaning of the band name, none have ever been correct. The goal of the band was to write fun music that made you stop and think, wonder.

The band recorded their first release on 1986 with the help of friends for equipment and extra instruments. They released the cassette tape at an art showing in Tulsa, Oklahoma and made enough money to head out to Shoney’s and eat with a few band “roadies”.

The band encouraged copying of the music as they had no budget and no label. Upon coming back to college in the Fall of 1986, they found out their music was making its way around college and high school campuses across the US. They even had a fan club formed in Texas. After many fans asked the question “Whatever happened to that Frank Guy?”, Moorman and Sloan got back together in 1987 to finish the story of Frank Lister and recorded “Whatever happened to that Frank Guy?”. The second work from G.Ä.H.Ä.B. went on to build an ever larger following and received college radio airplay.

Dave Moorman went on to lead multiple other bands including the Cookiemonsters and Seven Against. David passed away of a brain tumor and is sorely missed as a great musician, writer, husband, friend and father.

All of G.Ä.H.Ä.B.’s songs are original works and Sloan still gets contacted today from fans looking for updated versions. If there is ever time in his busy schedule, perhaps he will get these tunes transferred to digital and put up on this site.

Tart But Tasty - 1986

GAHAB - Tart but Tasty

Introduction to G.Ä.H.Ä.B.

The Sight of You Repulses Me


Overnight Success

Welcome to Reality

5-String Willy

Invisible Man

Robot Preachers from Hell

Zombies Can’t Cry


Frank Lister

Whatever Happened to that Frank Guy - 1987

GAHAB - Whatever Happened to that Frank Guy

Emergency Emergency

Twilight Zone

Mary’s Little Lamb

Ice Cold

Trust Mistrusted

Kill the Puppies

I Don’t Believe in Love

Mirror Images

I Can’t Wait

You Taught Me How to Love Again

Try Once, Try Twice

Back to the C

The Lost Jesters

1988-1991 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, Lakeland, Florida

In 1988 Roger Hunt and David Sloan got together to play guitar in David’s dorm room. The two immediately synced even though their music styles were quite different. They began to write together and over the next year put together the music for 1989’s “This Magnificent Desolation”. The two self-marketed the recording across Tulsa, Oklahoma and quickly built a following Tulsa’s burgeoning Alternative music scene. Local stores began to play the music at the request of patrons and the music was even picked up by local radio stations. In 1990, The Lost Jesters were voted best new band in Oklahoma by Tulsa’s “Uptown” Magazine. There were rumors of a possible contract with Refuge Records but the duo had to make a move to Florida to continue the band in 1990 as Sloan had personal family issues to resolve. Unfortunately, work and life caught up with the duo and they were never able to build the type of following in Florida that they were blessed with in Tulsa. Hunt returned to the Tulsa area in 1992 and has since moved on to Kansas City.

The tracks from “This Magnificent Desolation” have been digitally remastered and are included below for your enjoyment. Feel free to copy and send on to any friends who are still interested independant music. If you enjoy the songs, let us know. Maybe we can get back together some day and have a reunion back in Tulsatown.

This Magnificent Desolation - 1989

Lost Jesters - This Magnificent Desolation

This Magnificent Desolation

Back to the C

Don’t Hold Me Back

Exclusively for You


Misplaced Tragedy

For the Mean Time


New World

Baby Blue

Miss Frustration

The Other Side of the Fence

Long Way Home

Painted Flower

Street House



Question Number Nine

1991-1994 - Lakeland, Florida

Virtual Reality - 1991

QNN - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Stained Glass Eyes

Bottom of the C


2 Seconds Dead

Grimm Fairy Tale

On with the Show

Rockin Robin’

John Doe

Serenity of Blue


Amazing Grace

Analogeez - 1992

QNN - Analogeez




Paint a Tear

Crush End Oh

Empty Sympathy


Eye Know





PMS 419


Clarissa - Live

Various Artists

Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas the Horse - 2009

Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas the Horse


Winter Wonderland Rock

Winter Wonderland Pop

Christmas is Coming

Christmas in Our Village
(1st take)

Big Red Sleigh (goofy)

Music from the DVD Premier of Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas the Horse

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