David Sloan on mountain in Whistler, CA with guitar

The most perfect examples of design are seen in nature’s majesty. Colors, shapes and sizes form, fit and function together in absolute perfection. No man could ever dream such into being and no coincidence could ever create something that so affects the deepest senses of the humble human heart.

what’s new

I have had a great opportunity to work with a company called Go By Truck for the last two years. We are in the process of a brand update for their Web site and I am excited to announce the first part of this relaunch is now live at gobytruck.com. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

go by truck rebranding screen shot

design portfolio: the art of design

I believe in the power of design. Design is art. It is the art of creative problem solving through visual media. I am a proponent for research, focus, strategy and teamwork. Without these it is impossible to achieve effective results. I don’t mean to be preachy. I have just been blessed to have some great learning experiences and mentors in my career and I like to share what I have learned. - David Sloan

Fruit of the Loom, Inc. Web Site Design
Go By Truck Web Site Design
Fruit of the Loom Activewear Web Site Design
Spalding International Web Site Design
Fruit of the Loom E-Commerce Web Site Design
Spalding E-Commerce Web Site Design
Russell Outdoors E-Commerce Web Site Design
Dudley Sports Web Site Redesign Concept
Russell Athletic Dri-Power 360 Banner Ad
Curvation Intimates Valentine's Day Banner
Presentation Cover Artwork for IT Meeting
Reason: Photo Illustration for Agency Capabilities Print Brochure
Content Development: Photo Illustration for Agency Capabilities Print Brochure
Photo Illustration for Spalding Soccer Balls Campaign Poster
Photo Illustration for Spalding Soccer Balls Campaign Poster
Photo Illustration for New Russell Athletic Shoulder Pads Campaign
Logo Design for Central Florida Sports Marketing Fund Raiser
Logo Design for Construction Company
Logo Design for Design Concept Agency
Logo Design for Photo Retouching and Design Studio
Logo Design for Church Fund Raiser
Furr & Wegman Architectural Firm Logo Design
Logo Design for Christian Band
Logo Design for Elephant Backup Online Backup Services Company
Note - The designs on these pages are owned by the brands and corporations that they were created for and all rights are reserved for these companies. These examples are presented only as a reference to showcase the design of david sloan and are not intended for sale or promotion of any kind.

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